Screw The Nut 3

It's not your ordinary adventure in this game of Screw The Nut 3 from ABCya land, but it's the new chance to explore the seabed with these lovely animal friends! Your ultimate objective in this game will be to simply tighten the nut on the different levels. This challenge slash puzzle is taking place underwater with a special physics-based theme that will involve some of the strange ways of moving underwater for puzzle games.

You need to find out the best way that you can remove the screw and push it toward the place of the nut, where these two pieces can make one piece. In case you screw up while carrying out the task, we have the reload button ready for you to replay the game anytime you want. Feel free to replay it if you feel like there's another path that brings home more stars as well. Three achievements of gold, bronze, and silver medal are waiting for you to claim and get the top scores!

Each medal has its requirement, from 10 to 20, and 30 consecutively successful levels with three stars in your possession. Go ahead and take a look around the first level with this adorable on-screen tutorial! You can click on the ice cube to make it disappear, or interact with the bouncy octopus to gain momentum.

Use all the are on the screen to make sure that the screw doesn't fall from the pole and get to its required placement. Keep exploring the way you can use short-cuts and other methods to win the stage in the shortest time with our free website of! Tons of new games such as Fruit Lines and Insect Exploration with action-based features, girl games, arcades, or puzzles are waiting for you and your friends to get your hands on!


Click to interact with the objects.