Fruit Lines

Fruit Lines will bring back the classic joining and matching game in which the items that you will be interacting with are the fruits from this mystical jungle at ABCya land. Such a great combination of puzzling and matching gaming features will be a great option for your next playtime. Enjoy the slow increase in the difficulty level to keep you hooked on the usual puzzle section.

Tons of fruit items that you have been familiar with are placed all over the place on the game board. The objective of this game is to manually maneuver them and move so as to rearrange the positioning on the board. For newbies, just focus on adjusting the placing in order to generate a line filled with four or more similar fruits. These lines are the key to gaining high scores.

Once you manage to create and gather enough fruit to make a line, they will disappear from the board and recorded as successful matches. As you progress to the higher levels of the game, it's not just about arranging the pieces anymore. You also need to calculate to gather the most fruits using the surrounding placement. Lines in vertical or horizontal order will be acceptable, so keep hitting these lines.

However, bear in mind that some positions are not available for you to input new pieces. Only empty spots are open for you to place these pieces of fresh fruits. Engage in more and more puzzling challenges with other equally fun games of puzzles and jigsaws like Home Decor Memory or Build Dance Bot from the great list of! How high can your scores be while competing in the limited time box? Don't forget to keep an eye on the time limit to avoid wasting time!

Controlling keys: Move the pieces using the mouse or the touchpad.