Speedy Paws

Make your way through the 3D obstacle-filled route here at Speedy Paws and see if you can win one of the most exciting games with one go here at abcya 4 grade ? Learn how to navigate your character and make the most efficient movement through the platform to reach the finish line without falling into any random traps and bypassing obstacles. Staying safe will be incredibly difficult due to the placement of them. These spiky poles and obstacles shall pop up unexpectedly and in high density to keep the game extremely hard.

Utilize your swift movement and be careful on the first trial. You will handle and navigate the main character to use his speedy paws and run through the rotating spiky poles as well as other dangers. Do your best to avoid collision and contact with these scary items. While you are on your path, you will find randomly scattered crystals that will be useful in helping you to unlock new skins. Add a new layer to your character's outfit and increase his capacity as well as the ability to collect coins to gather some more booster items.

The supporting item might buy him some additional time or speed, which will enhance the ability to bypass the pole and increase the chance of staying alive throughout the hard levels. Keep it going and gain yourself the title of the first winner of this game from https://abcya4.net/action ! A wide range of newly added platform games such as Escape From Dinosaurs and Bobb's World, all with 3D graphics and amazing gameplay will be ready for you to explore during given playtime with your family and friends, so don't hesitate to pay them a visit!

How to play:

Move with arrow keys or WASD.

Interact and choose the game mode with the mouse cursor or touchpad.