Straw Hat Samurai

Find yourself emerged in this new ABCya4 fighting game: Straw Hat Samurai with elaborated gameplay and the best storyline! Based on many previous gaming selections from the same category, we have developed a new gory action game with the fastest and strongest samurai. He will try his best to play the perfect role of a samurai following his duty in the time of war.

As his homeland is torn between different parties and warlords constantly eyeing it, he will help to defeat the enemies by completing the given tasks. Because the army of your enemies is attempting to expand southwards, keep your stance in the north and make sure to defend your forts! Once the fort is under siege, it'll be very difficult to gain back control. This game takes over the usage of the classic gaming type, which will be the best to create yourself the best gaming experience in this category!

First, learn how to control the samurai's movement using the tutorial scattered around the platform. As he moves towards the standing figurehead, he needs to figure out the best cut to remove the head of these creatures. Once this task is done, feel free to move forward on the next path and conquer the rest.

Keep an eye out for the available banner that consists of the tutorial that will be helpful for you to decide your next action. to move to pass it and receive the tutorial on how to defeat the standing figurehead with your sharp sword. This game from provides some dotted lines to guide you on where to slash, similar to other cool games like Hero 4 Slice Enemies! The players can also move the mouse to the edge of the screen to scroll up and down and take control of the viewpoint.

Controls: Click and use the mouse to control the character.