Super Drive Ahead

Another cool game of car theme and racing features called Super Drive Ahead has been updated to the list of free games at, where you get to pick any game that you love regardless of the genre! Feel free to choose the best car that suits your tactics and style from the collection of cars in this game and learn how to manage its movement.

The goal of the game is to make sure that your car can smack the opponents in each match properly and push them off the field. Fight for your life by dodging the attack, hitting back with greater forces, and delivering the best counter-attacks! Not only will this battle take you to the competitive world filled with an enormous number of vehicles but you need to also look out for the attack of garbage, trucks, tanks, and plenty of new items.

Use the physics law and utilize your movement wisely to make sure that you can take advantage of the curvy race tracks and dominate the match against the toughest players. Moreover, the winner shall be the one who can collect coins and other suitable boosters that help upgrade and improve their performance in the battle arena. There are a total of 50 levels for you to conquer, each with its unique setting and layout.

If you can gather all the items on the board such as the turbo, jump, spikes, and mines, you can dominate the game easily from the start thanks to the high function and maximum damage range of your car. In this extreme car battle, how are you planning to survive and thrive? Don't forget that you can explore a bunch of new games such as Mx Offroad Master from the collection of ABCya4 racing anytime that you are free!


Move using arrow keys and use nitro boosts using the spacebar.