Mx Offroad Master

Mx Offroad Master - the new game of ours focuses on delivering the best version of a 3D simulation driving game for the fans of this genre. If you are always a free spirit ready for the next trip on the road, get on the chosen vehicles in this realistic game for both boys and girls. It's the new adventure taking the main theme of racing on the dirt and off the main road.

This should be quite a challenge for newbies because they haven't been familiar with the balance styling and the maneuvering of the off-tracks. First, learn how the physics work in this game as you will be controlling the vehicles in the third-person perspective instead of the usual first-person type, therefore, it's a whole new bike riding experience. Feel free to explore both modes available in the game, ranging from the Mountain Downhill style to the Free Roam mode.

As the names of them, you will either choose to race in mountain downhill tracks or explore in a free-roaming tournament. Each model comes with unique layouts and separated difficult points that will challenge the player's flexibility when it comes to such strange terrain. Driving on these off-track paths will not be easy, especially when you choose to race in 2-player mode.

It's the latest game for embracing the trendy race down the mountain anyway you want with most types of devices. Other fun games with the theme of racing such as Impossible Car Stunt 2022 and Mechanic Master Run will also be good options for you to take a shot during the free hours, so check them out!

Controlling keys:

Player 1 moves using WASD, brakes using spacebar, uses the camera with the C key, restarts with the R key.

Player 2 moves with arrows, brakes using the right shift, restarts with the P key, uses the camera with the O key.