Sushi Feast

Drop the right pieces of Sushi Feast to their places will be quite a challenge, but we believe that you will be the sushi chef that we are looking for. Let's show the world that your shooting skills while dealing with the delicate sushi pieces are amazing! Not only is this ABCya shooting game an entertaining arcade game that is quite simple yet hard to overcome but it also comes with the inspiration from the most classic titles. Instead of shooting balls and other items, this time, you will be shooting sushi!

There will be strings of sushi pieces coming through the lines that surround your position. As the main chef, the task for you is to shoot the sushi pieces of the same type to the same group and clear them out one by one. If any sushi pieces fill up your place and you fail to clear them out, your turn ends with a record immediately. There will be different distributing targets for each level. Only by overcoming the mission will you be able to move on to the next set of sushi. The longer you play, the faster the string of sushi will move. A tip for newcomers is to pay attention and memorize the current piece and the next one. This will help you to come up with the right decisions to rearranging the pieces without shooting them all over the place.

The scattered arrangement is not recommended in this game from since it will not be helpful for grouping. Be creative in choosing the next moves and don't hesitate to use the boosters or the supporting items for clearing some blocks. You can surely find more free shooting games with similar themes next time such as Aviation Art Air Combat Slide and 2048 Drop

How to play: Shoot the sushi using the left button.