Aviation Art Air Combat Slide

If you haven't tried out the unique gameplay of Aviation Art Air Combat Slide that is totally different from the traditional puzzles, take this chance to go to ABCya land and try it out! It's still a puzzle game but instead of allowing the players to arrange the pieces on their will and put them anywhere they want, this game only lets you slide the puzzles. This means that only two close-by pieces can switch places with each other. With the special theme of the aviation art of air combats, the game becomes even more attractive to boys thanks to the cool images of aircraft.

The players will be allowed to pick the version of puzzles that they want from the list of 3 different models: 3x3 pieces, 4x4 pieces, 5x5 pieces. Then, the second step is to select the picture that you feel inspired enough to complete. It's even better if you have the time to go through all models of all pictures to enhance your arranging skills and techniques when it comes to dealing with puzzle pieces. Once the game starts, you will have to memorize the original version, then start moving the pieces in couples to bring back the first image.

It might take a while, therefore, the game has a counting clock on the right corner to record your used time. The less time you use, the higher your scores will be. Don't let the puzzles confuse you! This game allows the kids to replay over and over again, so there are tons of chances for trials and replays. Keep exploring the other puzzles game with unique themes like 2048 Drop and Adorable Fish Memory from the list at https://abcya4.net/ and invite your friends to share the fun!

Controls: Click and drag the left button to slide the puzzle pieces.