Train Lines Rush

Keep your pace and position on the ranking board as one of the best train controllers in this train-collecting arcade game of Train Lines Rush - a brand new 3D vertical-version game available without a cost from ABCya new games. Get your unique train set up and start participating in the quest to become the longest-lasting train on the track to reach the destination. It'll be a long journey with plenty of obstacles, closed gates, gaps, and other items waiting on the route. Overcome them all by making sure that your train is on track and dodging the obstacles as soon as they show up. First, get used to the layout of the in-game screen as well as the instructions on how to play.

Thanks to the simple gameplay and detailed tutorial, we are confident that any newbie can ace this game after a few trials. The players will need to find out the control key set for the train's movement first. Adjust the direction and change the lanes when needed in order to dodge the upcoming obstacles and collect customers on the track. The second important task is to keep track of in-game statistics for reference.

By the time you reach the destination station, your train should be filled with passengers and is still intact with no pieces broken. It's crucial to avoid the gates and obstacles as any collision or crash might cause the train to fall apart. Let's see how many additional items, boosters, and upgrades you will be able to unlock with your earned money throughout the game. Keep acing plenty of other similar arcade games like Crazy Laundry and Hand Or Money with one click at, all of which are enjoyable, high-quality in design, and free of charge!

Instruction: Use the touchpad or mouse to control the train.