11 Kisses

11 Kisses brings the new journey alongside the famous angel girl and the demon boy. The couple was separated by fate, now they are in two different positions. The goal is to get back to the lover and bring him back to life with a kiss. Plenty of smaller puzzles and mini-games are your blockage when making your way through these different terrains. If you are good at clearing puzzles with a limited time range, this game will be a piece of cake for you!

Come to ABCya game 4 kids to explore it with tons of bombs, explosives, and so on! You will use the given bridges and ladders which can be used to not only connect the gaps but also to steer clear of obstacles or holes. You will help the girl in the quest to get to her separated lover. Solve all logical tasks and find the solution to all obstacles. Don't forget about building a road with a suitable length to make sure that the pair finds each other. One crucial mission in this game will be to restore the road and patch up the broken path to make sure your girl can proceed with the movement more smoothly. How long the girl can reach her lover will depend on your skills and problem-solving technique!

The controlling key set of this game from https://abcya4.net/ will be easy enough for both newbies and advanced players to understand in one go. You can choose to play with your computer mouse or touch-on-touch screen, depending on which device you own. Keep an eye on random objects and remove them from one place to another to get a clear route. Changing the direction when it's necessary to stay on the main lane! Join more games like The Besties Tattooist and Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery to explore other journeys!


Interact by clicking and dragging on the character.