3 Pieces Game

3 Pieces Game from the new list at https://abcya4.net/ will be a good option for the fans of puzzle games with more than just a simple jigsaw matching mechanism. Your role in this new gaming option will be a new challenge with multiple mini-tasks divided into different levels, each with its unique difficulty levels. Among various items that are shown to the players in this puzzle game, they will need to pinpoint one item that is either different or a suitable answer for the question.

In order to learn which objects are related, observe them and come up with a similar theme or subject among the bunch. The final goal is to put them together using your common knowledge related to daily-life items. Such relaxing gameplay is available for kids of all ages with the accompany of an informative theme and easy-to-understand rules. Explore the list of daily items and guess which goes where among the three objects.

Simply answer the given questions and you will be able to come up with the answer to the required item. Do your best to figure out the right item within the limited time range and aim to hit the top scores among the old records on this ABCya free game's Leaderboard.

There are hints given to each player to help you bypass the tough challenges quicker, therefore, use them wisely when you're stuck with a certain quiz or jigsaw. Arrange the puzzle pieces with great speed to make sure that all of your answers are correct within the shortest time frame! Our game list provides a huge number of new gaming selections such as Freaky Monster Rush or One Line Draw for your entertainment, so make sure to check them out!

Controlling keys: click to choose the item among three