Be The Judge

The work of a judge is not simple and not everyone can do this correctly. We need someone whose dream is to become a judge to distinguish the good guys and the bad guys here in Be The Judge - the ABCya new game! This genre is brand new and you might haven't gotten the chance to try it out anywhere else. As it's an interactive game, the players will get to role-play the role of the judge who is in charge of delivering the rulings for this court.

You need to find out the real guilty one among the two parties by asking the necessary questions. Depending on the incident that happened and the case that you are ruling, interact with each character to find out the truth. First, each character shall say a sentence that will sum up the situation. You can choose which question to ask next or whether you want to deliver the ruling immediately or not.

In order to decide who is innocent and who is guilty, do your best to not let any information cloud your judgment. Stay focused and judge wisely using the given information as well as the appearance of the characters! It's a brand new genre of game for kids who love a bit of exploration with newness and interesting gameplay for a change!

It might be something that will bring an amazing playtime to you and your friends, same as other equally fun games such as Speedrun Platformer like CatRobot Idle TD Battle Cat from our new list here at! There's no need to worry if you can't figure out the guilty ones at first. Feel free to replay and practice for the best results after learning the basic rules and mechanics of the ruling.


Use the mouse cursor or the touchpad to interact.