The Mole Knocker

The Mole Knocker is the new game with high intensity, thrilling gameplay, and the famous 3D low poly graphics for the fans of this gaming genre. Your task will be to follow the moles hiding under those holes and use your sledgehammer on any mole that shows up. The hard part is that any missed hit shall not be allowed. In case you hit a blank hole, your scores will be reduced significantly, therefore, make sure that you only hit once you see the mole popping up. Another cool thing about this ABCya free game is the two separate game modes.

The players get the liberty of choosing from 1 player mode or 2 players split-screen mode, which is perfect when you are in need of a game to share with the best friend of yours. The action will be all yours the moment you start locating the mole and move the sledgehammer. The speed of this game will increase as you progress to harder levels, so prepare yourself to upgrade your speed and techniques as well. For each successful hit, your scores will be boosted up a little bit. The tough thing is that the mole will not make it easy for you to hit them. They show up in pairs, in turns, three or many at a time so that you can't choose which one to hit first.

Be smart and cunning to avoid falling into the trick of theirs, which is rising and hiding right away. This game will require the utmost concentration and great reflexes to the point of not missing out on any hit. Plenty of other entertaining games such as Shadow Trap and Fruit Hunting can be added to your favorite basket of games at!

How to play:

Interact and hit the mole using the mouse cursor.