Shadow Trap

Don't let the shadows of the traps consume the cube in Shadow Trap, one of the best fast-paced games that you have ever experienced at ABCya 4 kids game. The task of this cute 2D game is to guide the little cube to the finish line. The main player shall be the one to control and set the pace of the game from the beginning to the end. Your job is simply to move through the black traps while trying to get to the destination.

There will be some black traps showing up on the path, each set has its space. The distance between the traps changes significantly depending on the level and its difficulty. Your reflex and estimation skills are the two most important techniques in this game. Before making any move, observe the space to estimate the length. Pay attention to the traps that are moving slightly higher or lower above the limit lines. Those will be the ones with the potential of crushing your cube. At such points, you can choose to either fast forward and overcome the traps instantly or to refrain from touching it and slow down.

Strategic thinking will also play a crucial role in your performance, so keep exploring and improving! Show your creative solution to overcome the challenges in without a hitch. As you progress, the number of traps will increase one by one until when there are tons of them waiting ahead on your journey. For the new-comers, just simply follow the instructions to get a grasp on the basic gameplay and get used to the tips, tricks, items, bonuses, and more cool features! Get your friends on your team and enjoy plenty of multiplayer games such as Fruit Hunting and Solitaire Tripeaks

How to play:

Move and choose the direction using the left button, release to stop and get through the obstacles.