Become A Referee

Make your decisions and let the field know which move or goal is considered as qualified in this game of Become A Referee from ABCya football game! Instead of role-playing as the football player or the spectator, this time, you will get your spotlight as the referee in the "Referee Quiz" where you need to complete the required role of an assistant football referee.

Not only will your knowledge of the football rules, a match's section, and situations breakdown be put to test but you will also need to decide quickly. The time limit on each situation will make your job harder. Could you test your knowledge and see if you can crack a total of ten difficult situations in an entirely different setting or not? It's easier than having to capture the ball from the other players or running down the sideline like a real-life referee.

There's no need to move anywhere as you will be deciding based on the available VAR screen. Observe, watch what is happening on the screen, screen into the details, and decide which side is the correct one. Watching from a different perspective than the original will help you gain a different point of view for validating the scenarios. Start watching from the first to the tenth situation from the football field and choose from two decisions available.

Keep an eye out for even the smallest details to make sure that your final decision is the absolute correct one. Just click on the yes or no button to express your decision when you're ready. Tons of kids from all around the world have enjoyed other fun football gameplay here at multiple times, so it's your chance to enjoy these such as Flip Skater Idle!

How to play:

Click the mouse to choose between two decisions.