Black Thrones

There is an assassin called Black and he's on his last run to reach the destination. The goal is to redeem himself and protect those he loves while fighting the undead in this kingdom. Let's start and become his companion on this journey to defeat every unyielding enemy to claim the final victory. It's an endless running game with increasing difficulty level, so you will need to boost not only your score but also your skills and damage range. Using the coins to purchase upgrades and armors from the store.

Some of the main activities in this game will be to evade obstacles and avoid the holes while running. You will also have to prepare to slice through countless enemies and do it quickly at the moment they pop up. Don't forget to collect the coins and power-ups to raise the chance of survival and gain loot in this ABCya fighting game. Of course, your overall wealth and stats will boost if you manage to complete achievements as required. Keep in mind that your character can cut down enemies using the dagger so you don't have to keep on running away. Defend him when possible to prolong the chance of survival.

This game has the best graphics and smooth horizontal movement of the screen that will be quite good to enjoy. For the remaining lives, check out the two heart icons at the top of the screen to keep check of the status. Don't let the enemies hurt you more than 2 times or else there's no chance left. Participate in more battles against the undead in other gaming options like Dracula Jump and Mr. Jack Vs Zombies at

How to play: Interact and perform corresponding actions using the button on the screen or using the keyboard. Doubletap to jump or use the arrow key.