Bounce And Collect

Bounce And Collect is not just any ordinary arcade game where you have fun coordinating movement and controlling items at It's also bringing more thrilling game tips about tipping these scattered balls and making sure that they are going through a variety of obstacles with the right path. This is the type of game that brings about the best of your eye-hand coordination, your control of speed, maneuvering techniques, and top-tier eyesight for spotting new items.

All kids' mission in this ABCya 2023 game is to collect lots and lots of balls. The more you get, the more you can increase the score total. Once the number increases exponentially using bonus areas, you can gain combos and utilize these multiplication factors for the best result. All you need to do is to pour the balls onto the bowl or the required blocks. As long as you can drop balls in the right place, they will fill up the space and gain more scores.

The maximum scores can be gained if you manage to fill them all without leaving any blank space left. Don't leave any levels left unturned and do whatever it takes to unlock them all! Let's see how fast you can fill up these bowls and cups! If the amount isn't enough for filling, you will not be able to move next.

Triple your scores to automatically upgrade your scores for a new record on the Leaderboard! Do you know that other similar-themed games such as Run Gun Robots or Ugi Bugi & Kisiy Misiy might capture your attention thanks to the similarity in themes, gameplay, and the rules overall? Conquer new adventures and don't forget to share the gaming spirit with other friends as well!

How to play:

Use the mouse or touchpad to move the balls and fill the cups.