Bounce And Pop

Bounce And Pop takes your popping journey to another level with this aim-to-hit arcade game online at! Not only will you get addicted to this funny arcade game with a colorful gameplay but you might also be able to train your eyes and hand coordination. The flexibility of yours will get to shine as the game emphasizes the task of controlling the wheels to hit the balls.

You need to control the gears and choose the best direction and momentum to throw it in order to successfully smash the balloon. As the balloons might be stacked inside a frame, a board, or protected by different walls, you will need a good estimation skill and great aiming to get the best direction for the push. If you can pop them all, you will be able to pass the level and move onto the next ones.

Let's learn how to efficiently aim at the goal and launch the gear from its starting point! The work of smashing all the balloons in one go is not easy as you might miss out on some on the corners. Pay attention to the blocks, tiles, walls, and use them as barriers or supporters for your shot. Keep in mind that the wheels will bounce back if they come into contact with those objects, therefore, choose the direction or angle suitably to make the best shot!

The game is a great option for kids of all ages to spice up their arcade and puzzle gaming time, as well as for sharing with tons of friends to compete for the top scores! Come to our free gaming section and roam around to search for the ones that suit you the most. Will it be the action game such as Connect The Dots Game For Kids and Find the Differences, or the mind-bending puzzle game?


Click and release the mouse to shoot the wheel.