Choli Sky Jump

Choli Sky Jump is a jumping game like no other, thanks to its uniquely fun features that not only will create a hilarious vibe to the game but it's also quite a challenge for the players. Help the main character move flexibly on the constantly moving platforms to be the top jumper! Don't miss a single step in this ABCya online game because you will fall if you fail to choose the right platform.

Hit the highest platform and reach the top level of clouds to fulfill Choli's wish of jumping up! There will be platforms or blocks that stack up in a close distance to create a virtual stair that you can use for moving up. Just jump whenever you see a platform approaching your position, and continue to hop to the next ones.

This type of game from requires your attention to detail and perfect timing skill to avoid slipping off or wasting any score. Since one platform worths one score only, stay focus and endure a long time of challenge to gain the highest points in total. The higher it is, the more threat and higher chance of falling, which creates more risk for the players.

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Instructions: Jump and move using the arrow keys.