Cookie Crush 4

If you have tried and loved the previous version of Cookie Crush 4, this new version from ABCya land will bring back the cool gameplay with plenty of twists in its 4th installation! Prepare to explore the board filled with even more cookies and sweets, spreading across thousands of levels that are fun-packed! Your mission remains unchanged, which is to find the identical cookies, cakes, sweets, and coins scattered in the game.

Match the line of three or more similar pieces by changing the placement of the items. You can switch the place of two nearby pieces or use powerful boosters to clear up as much space as possible on this board. For each level, there is a requirement shown on the left-side panel. Only by reaching the range will you be able to move on to the next stages and reach the highest ranking.

Let's start learning how to create rewarding combo chains of more than three pieces to beat the current high score, no matter if it's from the other players or if it's yours! The main action in this game from is to combine at least three delicious cookies or sweets to remove them from the playing field. Get more rewards using your intelligence. The best players shall be the ones who can conquer the levels in the shortest timeframe and win tons of points and cool extras!

If you manage to wipe out a whole line of sweets at once or remove the cookies of one color, the vanished items will bring more and more scores to you. The turn limit will make this version more challenging than the previous version. Plan the moves in your strategy and prepare carefully! Come to try out more games like Bubble Sorting Deluxe for the best time of your life with easy online games!

Instruction: Click to move the cookies.