Crusader Defence

Crusader Defence brings a new version of spin-offs for a tower defense game genre with a newly updated gameplay filling with vibrant pixelated characters and design. Get addicted to the beautiful visuals of layouts, settings, and interactive features from this ABCya 4 free game! Similar to any other tower-defend game, this game's goal remains unchanged. The players will compete to find out who can protect the territory best against all types of enemies who are dying to enter your castle.

Each player has an army consisted of 3 classes, ranging from the Archer who can attack from a further distance, Pikeman who is good at close-ranged combat, and Knight who will be in charge of the final gate. To secure the soldier of your choice, gain coins from winning battles and capture the scattered gold coins on the map as well. If you aren't quick enough to catch the coin, it will disappear quickly. The time window for collecting coins might be just a few seconds, therefore, stay focus and keep searching for the best area to attack.

This game will bring out the best commander who can grasp the battlefield in real-time and showcase the smartest strategy. The placement of each soldier matters as they need to be in a suitable position to create a strong and unbreakable defensive line. Upfront units are crucial to secure your kingdom, so pay attention to them more. Do you know that two power-ups and boosters will show up after you manage to finish the first level? Get them as quickly as possible to increase your capacity and chance of winning the other maps.

Another tip for newbies is to keep track of the statistics to pick the timing for upgrade and class change. If you can change the class for all soldiers, your army will be unbeatable and stand against all types of enemies! Keep the adventure continues with new gaming world like Atari Missile Command and Forest Brothers from our website at!

Instructions: Click to interact and to place the soldiers.