Forest Brothers

Can you control your two characters at the same time? This depends on your wisdom. Let's join hands to join the game Forest Brothers at abcya 4 games to give you all the joy of victory. This game is for two players. If you play alone then you will need to condition both squirrels at the same time. So it is very difficult! For a character that made me feel a lot of obstacles. But at the same time controlling two characters, you should try harder. To participate in this game, you need to control two squirrels to collect a lot of gold coins that appear on this path.

Dodge the countless pitfalls ahead. There will be bombs from above dropped by other forest animals. Move quickly through it or wait for a better, safer opportunity to pass it. There will be animals in appearance in this environment that you need to fight as well as a dodge. Let's jump high blocks to keep you safe from the attacks of ferocious animals. Collect a lot of gold coins to quickly pass the unlock level to the next level. You will have a dramatic but adventurous adventure in this game.

Explore a forest full of fun and learn more with it even more. Wish you have lots of relaxing moments when participating in the game Forest Brothers at You should invite your friends to join this game and control squirrels to go on fun adventures full of adventure while participating in a school full of animals. Honored to enjoy in addition to a few other similar fun game genres Galaxy Defense and Rodeo Stampede

Control: Use the WASD/ arrow keys to bring your character to safety.