Rodeo Stampede

Rodeo Stampede and its thrilling gameplay are to die for, especially if you are searching for a fast-paced and enjoyable game from ABCya 4 free games. As there are too many wild animals moving freely and roaming the place, your job is to successfully build the biggest zoo. Gather the animals of different types which you find roaming around and put up the best zoo ever! Finding them is hard enough, yet taming these animals will be another type of challenge. Get your gear ready and start the work of searching all nook and cranny to spot them. After you manage to spot one or two, start closing upon them.

Choose the best moment and timing to use your lasso and hop on their backs. As you are grabbing the head of them, try your best to not fall off and stay on their backs for as long as possible. After a specific amount of time, the animals will get tired and it's your chance to subdue them! How long will it take for you to suppress the angry bull or the strong bear? The key to managing such a task is to figure out the most suitable strategy to turn them into soft-hearted four-legged friends.

Enjoy the experience and learn to choose the best timing for the most important task - to hop on their backs. Also, know when to back off and stop as moving for too long will also diminish your chances of winning. Tend to the visitors and make sure they have the best time as well.

The gist of this game from is the flexibility of the players while dealing with such unpredictable animals. If this is your cup of tea, we have tons of more free games of the same gameplay like Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure and Galactic Missile Defense for you!

Instructions: Interact with the animals using the mouse cursor.