Galactic Missile Defense

To win a war like Galactic Missile Defense from ABCya 4 land, you will need a good strategy for tower defense, a great understanding of battles in space, and amazing interaction with items. Don't worry as our game provides a tutorial for newcomers. You can grab the basics of the game and protect your base against the missiles in no time! You will play the role of a captain who is in charge of 3 secret anti-missile technologies that are placed on advanced bases. There will be tons of aliens, enemies, and others that will try to get those from you.

Save the Earth from their attack and protect the secret weapons using your defense line! In this game, you will shoot at the enemies coming near your base using the map and the weapons. But make sure that you predict their movement and upgrade the base regularly to keep up with the firepower. There is a variety of weapons from our store at, but only the best commander can use them well. Smartly choose your strategy and skill so that you don't fall into trap of their attack. Since this is quite a tough and intense battle, the players will have to prepare to make quick decisions as the attacks only increase throughout the levels.

Destroy the visible aliens as soon as they show up on your radar to unlock the weapons for further usage. Also, our game provides in-game instruction so that you can learn how to use each weapon upon unlocking them. The final statistics at the end of each stage include the statistics for Cogs, Plasma, Time, Level that can be helpful for improving your performance! Or you can practice in the realistic battles such as Hole Vs Bombs and Brave Warriors to learn more tips and tricks!

Controls: Click and move the mouse to move and shoot.