Cut Grass

Enjoy your relaxing game time with this amazing game of Cut Grass - a newly added puzzle game of all ages with the easiest gameplay and a great relaxation embedded. You will get to emerge into the world of the lawnmower and complete the tasks of clearing the grass off all the platforms. To make sure that you conquer and create a neat and beautiful lawn on all levels.

The mission for all players is to trim the grass in all blocks and corners without missing out on any. The game will follow the style of a lawnmower simulation and puzzle game that involves the work of moving the machine. Move the cutter from one place to another and choose the direction to head towards to become the best gardener in the game. How long will it take for you to successfully trim all the grass and other shrubs with your precise technique?

Spend hours emerging in this satisfaction of cutting grass and growing beautiful flowers in their places. Moreover, you can also learn to solve a variety of challenging and puzzling layout of the map that makes clearing out the grass harder. Keep in mind that your lawnmower will not be able to keep moving if it hits a corner. In that case, change the direction and keep the work going.

Let's train your problem-solving techniques, timing control, and movement management in such a fast-paced game! How about sharing more free games with your friends like Hidden Candies or Spartan Mahjong from There are lots of amazing games waiting for you to explore and demonstrate a bit of your experience!

Controlling keys:

Use the mouse and swipe to cut the grass or use the arrow keys to move the lawnmower.