In this new gaming selection with the name of Dalo from ABCya online, the players can tackle this combination of a dot game with halo features. Your mission in this fun and thrilling puzzle game is to locate the path that shall connect all the given dots with no obstacles in the middle. The faster you find the path which goes through all lines but passes the same dots once, the higher your scores will be.

As the main task is to find this specific route, keep an eye on the number of lines for each bridge. Tons of levels are available for the kids to freely explore this selection with more levels added periodically. Moreover, there will be a feature allowing the advanced players to create their unique customized levels from scratch. Not only will you be able to share these levels but you can also try out more levels from the community of Dalo with different settings and mapping.

Start learning the basic rules of the games and try to solve as many puzzles as possible for the best experience with this brain-training puzzle! Which rank will you be on the top 10 leaderboards? Share the best route with other online friends and have fun competing with more kids in this addictive puzzle game!

Two main elements that you can control and change in this game are the theme and the audio, so feel free to adjust them according to your needs. Only the best players can connect the dots in the hardest frame with one stroke! Plenty of puzzle games like Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures will be available for you to explore in this new collection at https://abcya4.net/ with tons of twists, obstacles, and new features!

Controlling keys: Click and use the mouse to connect the dots.