Delicious: Emily's New Beginning

Take over the crowded restaurant alongside Emily in this new game of Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning to bring her business back to life! Enjoy this wonderful game from the series in which you will now be in charge of running the restaurant. When baby Paige gets older, it's time for you to assist Emily and bring her back to running her restaurant again. The restaurant has gotten much bigger and more profitable than it was, therefore, controlling the day-to-day operation will not be an easy feat.

Gather your skills in managing and earning more in this ABCya girl 2023 game to become the top record owner! The key point in this game will be to keep an eye on Paige while cooking and serving all customers visiting the place. This is hard to multitask, with various tasks to juggle at once. Let's see if you can make the most out of the simple menu and gain more and more coins than possible! It's all about diversifying Emily’s menu, cooking them to the perfection point, compete with other fancy restaurants in the city!

You need to take the order of customers first, then go back to the kitchen to make the dishes as quickly as possible. The longer your customers have to wait, the less you will be able to earn. Do your best to maximize the number of tips. Interact with items, food, and clients using your simple mouse clicking. Once the food is ready, quickly bring the orders to your waiting guests.

Don't forget about collecting the money that they leave behind before serving another customer. If you forget to clear the tables, soon the restaurant will be filled with too many dirty tables and no place for others! Expanding your interior and furniture set will be crucial to earning more money! Take a look at other similar managing games like Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery or 11 Kisses from our list at to have some fun!

Controlling keys:

Click on characters and items to interact and choose.