Dodge The Tower

A new running game involving obstacles will increase the fun and thrilling sensation for this genre as the players have to be extra careful so as not to crash! Enjoy the fun and addictive gameplay of this casual game called Dodge The Tower! It's a brand new game for kids with tons of updates and unique rules from the ABCya 4 gaming world. The players participating in this tournament will have to jump from one tower to the next and dodge the walls showing up on their path to finish the race. Collect some items on the tracks will help to increase your speed and remove the obstacles faster.

A more effective way to win this is to run fast and overcome the obstacles one by one as they show up. However, the tough part of this game is the unexpected appearance of the walls, blocks, and towers on the tracks. The higher level will bring more and more tough missions as the players have to master their jumping techniques faster. Let's start learning the movement of the athletes in this game using a quick tutorial. Your character automatically runs and a dotted line to guide your jumping movement will show up as the tower starts appearing.

Estimate the movement and choose the right moment to jump so as to achieve the best results. Keep in mind some jumping rules and turn at the right position using your perfect technique. Also, you can't touch the obstacles, or else the character will slow down significantly. Try your best to not only keep up with the top groups in this race at but also to be the first one to hit the finish line. Train your specialty with other games like Water and without worrying about cost on our website!

Instructions: Run and jump using the mouse cursor.