Beaver's Blocks

Another block puzzle game with lovely color scheme and pretty design for the fans of puzzle games has been added to the list of new games here at ABCya land! Are you ready to share the companionship alongside our beavers in Beaver's Blocks to crack these puzzles? You will help out with the exciting task of clearing all these block puzzles regardless of the difficulty levels.

In order to input all the scattered blocks to the right places, it's crucial to utilize logical thinking and brainstorming for the best solution. Find the right block shape to put into each space on this board and make sure to fill them all. If you have the chance to come back and enjoy the game on a daily basis, it'll be great for enhancing the puzzle skills and for enjoying a good pastime.

Let's learn the basics and rules through the in-game tutorial before diving into this incredibly addictive game for kids of all ages! Use the given pieces from the right-handed panel and place them accordingly on the game board. How fast can you get a full line and clear both existing and new cubes with the art of combining them? A full line will be one that consists of nine cubes and there's no gap inbetween.

The designated area is created with the size of 3x3 square with plenty of opportunities to generate combos of both rows and columns. Bear in mind that the main objectives are to clear cubes from the board, gain extra points, and generate combos. Enjoy more similar-themed games such as Happy Cat Puzzle at and fill up plenty of experience with a variety of game styles!

How to play:

Click the left mouse to choose a piece and move it to the wanted position.