Happy Cat Puzzle

Finding the best and fastest way to bring the juice to the position of the cat in this ABCya 4 game of Happy Cat Puzzle will be quite a challenge, as there are different obstacles, high and low platform coordinated, and plenty of random pop-ups or boosters! Will you be able to achieve the required amount of juice that can help to complete each difficult stage?

Observe the layout as well as the placement of the items to come up with a suitable solution. Don't refrain from thinking outside the box and use any creative method that you can think of. It might be easy to get one star to advance to the next stage, however, conquering a total of three stars for all will be quite the tough part.

Not only is this a simple, smart puzzle online for kids and adults to enjoy but it's also a good game with a colorful palette, diverse layout, and plenty of items and obstacles. Develop your logical skills with more than a hundred hilarious levels! All you need to do is to draw the necessary lines to make sure that the cat and the glass are connected. The lines can be straight, diagonal, or any lines that you can think of.

As long as you can fill up the glass with water balls from the source, you will win the current stage and be able to continue the journey. Keep going with other similar themes for puzzles, jigsaws, and matching games that kids of all ages have enjoyed such as EvoHero - Idle Gladiators or Snip N Drop, all from the website of https://abcya4.net/. Bring the best of your brain game and show the world how easily these puzzles can be cracked!

How to play: Use the mouse or touchpad to draw the lines.