Snip N Drop

If you are on a trail of arcade casual games here at, Snip and Drop might just be the perfect gaming option that you can tackle next. Emerge in this simple casual-based game with the prominent theme of sports where both boys and girls can showcase their talents. It's a sports game focusing on throwing balls into the basket. Here, you get the chance to practice your perfect shot for all turns.

As it's a physics-based game, your predicting knowledge when throwing the balls is crucial. Learn how physics works and how it affects the ball's movement before it hits the ground. Simply use all your techniques and skills to mark the perfect angle and direction to aim and perform your perfect shot into all baskets.

Besides the art of throwing, you need to master the art of being a ball catcher as well. It's about trying to catch the hanging or rolling balls as they are dropped on the screen. Choose the perfect time to tap on the ball in order to guarantee that it can drop into your basket if you are the catcher. Click the button to throw it if you are the thrower. Are you ready to hit the play button in this ABCya online game?

Practice coordination of eyes and hands, while taking advantage of the physics to do your work with the ball falling. You will easily get the highest scores on the Leaderboard if you understand the mechanism of the game quickly! Conquer more ball games like Track Rotate or Words In Ladder without any cost and with the freedom to share with your friends!

How to play:

Click on the ball to make it move or drop it into the basket.

Play using the touchpad on mobiles.