Fairyland Merge And Magic

The island here at Fairyland Merge And Magic is a magical land where the possibilities are vast and dimensional! Can you take over the role of the most important fairy who is in charge of merging the available flower species on the island? It's a new island here at ABCya land where the players can find the most special species ever found! There's nothing that you can't do in this merging world.

Any type of animal that you have ever dreamed about, such as dragons, fantastic species of exotic flowers, and unicorns, can be created in this virtual game. Learn how you can go through the merging process and create a unique collection of your own. To utilize the merge fables embedded with true magic, learn how to use the rules and generate the required species on this land. You can start by going through the simple tutorial on the merging process. Once you are ready, start creating different farms of your own.

There are countless lands and territories to expand here, as well as more characters to get you on exciting journeys and adventures later. If you manage to create the most fantastic merge within the shortest time, more rewards are given to you. Thanks to the lovely animation, great graphics, and intriguing plot with an amazing variety of animals and plants, keep merging and expanding your magical experience!

Can you bypass the fairy exam within one trial? A note for new players is to take the sprout and merge it until they ripen and you can harvest them. Produce more magic keys and see what surprises they will unlock! By expanding the fog, you can discover the unreached parts of the island. Here at https://abcya4.net/, we present you with more great storylines in other games like Soccer Bubble Shooter!

Instructions: Click to merge.