Firebug 2

Are you ready for this updated 2nd version of Firebug 2 with tons of new jellybean flavors, more blocks on the platform, and a bunch of new levels for kids of all ages to explore? Not only are we bringing this new version to ABCya fighting game with more fire-shooting craziness but we are also adding more to the madness of the challenge! Your mission is to bring the firebug to the gate of each level while gathering as many jellybeans as possible.

If he stands on a block for too long, he will burn the platform and fall into the water. Try your best to hop and reach the jellybeans, move forward, and get to the end of each level before the bridges are burned out! From the normal beans to the golden beans, each type gives you a different amount of scores that you can utilize to purchase all these accessories in the store.

From the crazy hats, new coats, to the latest tilesets, let's see how many you can stack in your collection of this virtual game! The game emphasizes time control and the ability to balance the movement on a burning platform. You will constantly have to move on a burning platform, but you will need to stay focused and calm so as not to get panic and fall into the water.

The two most important elements in this game from will be the jumping and running parts, so control those movements well to conquer the top score ranking. Don't forget that you need to constantly improve and upgrade your techniques to win the higher levels! They will be more challenging for sure. Keep a tab on the latest games such as World Of Fighters: Iron Fists and Crazy Runner In City from our category and enjoy them with your family!

How to play:

Click to interact, move using the arrow keys or the WASD combination.