Flowers Shooter

Flower Shooter is a cute launch game on ABCya 4th. You have to shoot in the flowers with limited bullets. It needs some skill. Not only the moving flower, and also obstacles will increase the difficulty. Learn to estimate their track, and keep sure you could shoot in every time.

Click or touch the location where you wish the flower to be shot. Remove flowers to make a cluster of three or more of the same hue. If you let any flower cross the line at the bottom of the screen, the game is over. Use the coins you acquire throughout the game to buy useful power-ups.

Don't forget to share this interesting thing with your friends and invite your friends to join the game to have moments of relaxation together. Why don't you challenge yourself to participate in games similar to Screw the Nut 2 and Jewels Classic. Wish you are always a lucky player!


Use mouse or touch pad to play this game.