Fun Balloon Pop

Fun Balloon Pop guarantees to bring not only thrilling gameplay with the fast-paced movement of the items but also quite a challenging one for kids who love arcade gaming choices from ABCya land. Enjoy the exciting gameplay of getting engaged in a world filled with balloons and getting to pop them! The game is available for kids regardless of their ages, genders, and countries.

We are looking for a player who can refine their ability with incredibly fast-moving balloons. The balloons float randomly once you start the session with no rules or setting on how they will move. The ultimate goal for all players is to avoid the bombs, explosives, and strange items while focusing on popping the balloons floating up the screen. Not only will you be able to enhance your flexibility and adapt skills when it comes to fast-moving items, but it's also relaxing to hear the background sound of popping colorful balloons.

To claim the top spot on the running board of this game at, blast all the balloons that come into your vision to get more points. The higher your points are, the higher your rank will be. Besides the exciting gameplay, feel free to emerge in the colorful-designed game with a detailed in-game tutorial for both newbies and advanced players.

The key element to surviving this arcade game is the ability to estimate explosives' movement and perfect timing. Showcase your new tactics or strategy when there are too many balloons requiring popping at once! Add some more games with diverse genres, unique gameplay, and modern graphic design such as Zen Triple 3D to your favorite game list and share them with your family!

Controlling keys:

Use the left mouse to pop the balloons or touch the mobiles/ tablets to play.