Gun Button Rush

It's another fabulous io game with endless gameplay being added to the collection of ABCya game 4 kids! Enjoy your journey going through this path that is filled with the most items and keyboards and find the way to keep your safe! The final goal of this game is simple, yet it takes much effort to stay in the game for a long time. Do your best to collect keyboard keys that are scattered on the ground and contain different lengths to expand your keyboards.

Can you see the grey gates on the platform as well? If you manage to dash through these gates, the keyboard length or width will increase. The more pieces you own in your keyboards, the more chances you have to become the highest-ranked player on the Leaderboard! Do your best to steer clear of the negative points gates since they will reduce your width on the Leaderboard.

Keep the most buttons and reach the furthest checkpoints as possible to gather the top scores. There will be some glasses or special gates near the end of the journey. Can you clear them all out regardless of how difficult the gates are? It's a new game with arcade features embedded in an io game animation, which generates a unique gaming experience for the kids.

Do your best to overcome the other players' records and reach further points for your unique high scores. This free game along with other good games like Cookies Must Die Online from will be available for kids to enjoy whenever they have an internet connection, so dive in right now! What else could defeat a free game with amazing animation and elaborate gameplay?

Controlling keys:

Click, hold and drag the mouse cursor to control and maneuver the keyboards.