Guns and Magic

Once the portal leading to another dimension is open, there will be plenty of strange creatures popping out and reaching your world. Standing in front of their attack, will you be able to protect your ranch in this intense action game from Start participating in the team and learn the basic movement to shoot at the opposed team. You will need to learn how you can utilize the given resources to protect your ranch from these aliens.

First, check out the given resources on your baskets and stores so that you can understand which you can use. Pick the resources that you think are necessary and start assembling the defensive lines. In order to keep your base safe, it's crucial that you built a strong defensive barrier that can keep the monsters away from the base. One of the important parts of the game is to make sure that the barricades and shooters that you have spread through the platform are enough for stopping the enemies.

It's time for you to show the world how you could utilize your resources as available! Some prominent tasks and mini-steps that you need to carry out for the sake of a strong base are building turrets, assembling towers with shooters inside, setting up traps, and installing barricades.

Each of these steps is important as it plays one of the points for putting a hold on your enemy's proceed throughout a different platform. Come to the game list at ABCya 2022 to explore a free world of online gaming options, with some famous games like Hovercraft Flying 3D or Parkour Rooftop! Showcase your talents when it comes to attacking and defending your team here!


Use WASD to move, and move the mouse cursor to look around.

Use E keys to build or interact, and left-shift to run.