Hovercraft Flying 3D


The sight while flying your hovercraft in this ABCya new game: Hovercraft Flying 3D will be an experience that you shouldn't miss. In this 3D setting, planes are required to move forward to overcome different obstacles on the screen. A wide range of gates, with a variety of placements and thicknesses, will be scattered on your route. The task is to fly the plane, maneuver its movement, and change the directions accordingly to complete the journey.

Once you cross the final checkpoint with the plane intact, the challenge is over. At the end of the quest, the game will automatically calculate the overall scores and final results of each participant to place them on the ranking board. Choosing the direction of the hovercraft in a 3D game will be slightly different as you need to maneuver more dimensions rather than just left and right. Move forward and backward on time to avoid collision with the gate's edges as well.

Golden coins are floating around the dimensions here and there, however, only the most flexible players who can show the best agility will be able to capture them all! At first, moving through the gates is easy enough thanks to the scattered distribution of the gates. Once you have progressed higher to the tough levels of the tournament, be prepared for close-knitted arranging of gates that will keep your hovercraft shaken.

Reaching the end of the line is no big deal, however, keeping your hovercraft safe and intact throughout the whole journey is another quest. Avoid the obstacles at all costs and don't forget to counter-attack other opponents! Unlock the huge collection of upgrades and new models of hovercraft later! Plenty of arcade-themed games such as Battles of Seas from https://abcya4.net/ will bring you to a new world of 3D gaming online!

Controls: Move using the mouse cursor.