Darkmaster And Lightmaiden

There is no need to be scared because the maze in Darkmaster And Lightmaiden not only hides the most exciting adventure in the castles but it is also one of the best platform games from ABCya land! For the fans of puzzle games, your talent in solving problems and maneuver through hard grids will shine in this game. Your goal will be to help both the two main characters discover the maze and locate the way out, or the exit door.

The doors and their location change depending on the stages, therefore, the players need to observe and explore all space so as not to leave out anything. The game appears as it's for two players, however, the game makes it more challenging by making one player to control both main characters. Your multitasking ability and controlling skills are the two most important elements to win this platform game. You move one of them, then switch the key to control and help the other. It will not be easy since you have to complete the current level in a limited time without killing any of the two characters. To survive, keep in mind a few rules in this game at https://abcya4.net/. Your first character called Lightmaiden can go through the white area but die the moment she touches the dark water. Keep your Darkmaster safe by avoiding the white water, as opposed to Ms. Lightmaiden.

Pay attention to the while flame and black flame that are placed on your path. Collect those for each character to level up more easily. The key point is to make sure each character finish the level by standing in front of his or her corresponding doors. Feel free to participate in other equally thrilling games like Shoot The Duck and Rotated Dots later!

Controls: Move with arrows, up to jump, E to attack, spacebar to switch the characters.