City Blocks

City Blocks - the new ABCya 4th online game for kids will be a new challenge and chance to demonstrate your amazing crafting and arranging skills when it comes to building your city from scratch. Not only is it a new match-3 puzzle game with the latest strategic gameplay that involves lots of tactics, strategy, and arranging but it's also a great 2D animated game with a top-tier design.

Your mission in this game will be to take over the control of the newly-created city and build it up. The tasks involve using the resources, allocating the buildings that you purchased, and upgrading them one by one. In order to conquer the final goal of building the biggest city with your limited space, you might need to come up with a smart tactic on which block and when to move it.

A matching game like this one will be strategically challenging as you need to pick the suitable pieces for each required building. Thanks to the merge mechanics and addictive mechanism of the game, even newbies can tackle and have a blast with such fun gameplay. How long will it take for you to conquer this simple but hard-to-master game from

It's a game focusing on the strategic placement of new buildings, as well as the merging of existing blocks to create a new one. Utilize the gained scores to purchase more interior, updates, and improve the capacity of the chosen buildings. Don't leave any blank space untouched and try to fill them all with your biggest blocks! Feel free to take a look around the new category for kids and check out the new gaming options such as HideNSeek3D for the top-tier design of games!

How to play:

Use the left mouse button or tap on the tablet/ mobile screen to control.