Hex A Mong

Hex A Mong is the next game with a puzzle game concept for kids who love this genre at ABCya online! Not only will you get to solve puzzles alongside the adorable characters from Among Us but you can also compete against the top players who are excellent at conquering these challenging gameplay. Emerge in the simple and addicting concept, embedded with increasing difficulty levels and an elaborate game setting.

All the players will participate in the new panels with a total of six floors, all made of hexagonal tiles. Keep running and moving on these tiles to avoid being left behind or slipping over the gaps. Every stop will cost you two seconds. Once the previous tiles have disappeared, you can't go back on them anymore. Don't stay on one tile for too long because it will disappear after a short period.

Stay on the tile blocks for as long as possible and gain the title of the last survivor among the bunch. The tough part is to go head-to-head against a total of 15 other players on the same server. Avoid the crowd and move at your speed or else they will push you out of the panel. Which one of the two modes will you explore first?

Either go with the single-player or 2-player mode - in which you can get another friend to share the fun game. Keep advancing in the game and survive the fast-paced race among multiple players on the same platform now! Here at https://abcya4.net/, feel free to pick any of the games that you find attractive such as Egg Wars, which is famous among new players.

How to play:

Player 1 moves with the WASD keys and jumps with the Q key.

Player 2 moves with arrow keys and jumps with the spacebar.