Hidden Stars At Space

If you are good at observing and spotting the hidden items, this new ABCya 2022 game of Hidden Stars At Space will easily be your favorite game today! The task of this game is so simple that kids of all ages can join. However, the work of finding the stars in each space picture within a given 30-second set is no easy feat. There are six levels in the game, each with a different image and the same setting of limit for 30 seconds.

The 30-second time frame is all you have to successfully spot the ten stars hidden in each picture. For the few first stages, the stars are easier to spot thanks to their blurry edge and their frames. However, once you have progressed to the higher stages, make sure to look all nook and cranny to spot them all. It's a fun race against time to conquer the task, so share this fun gaming choice with your friend now!

As the stars are skillfully hidden and placed in unique spots of the pictures, you will need to get used to the way the game works to successfully discover them all. One won stage helps you unlock the next, so go ahead and tackle the levels one by one. It's easy to see the stars in the brighter-background pieces, so we recommend that you check out those spots first.

Keep working on the piece until you gather all ten stars, but keep an eye on the remaining time. You can use the clock on the right panel to know how much time you have left and use the count on the left panel to know how many remaining stars that you need to search for. Spread the fun around with friends, family, colleagues with tons of new games like Pixel Art Challenge or Coinz! from our puzzle game collection at https://abcya4.net/!


Click on the star to remove it.