This ABCya new game: Holeminator which is made of 3D graphics and platform genre will keep you companied for a long time thanks to the exciting gameplay and one of the loveliest color palettes that you can find! Not only will you get to control the movement of the ball but you will also be the keeper of the hole. This hole can suck all the items standing on their way into it.

The goal is to keep the ball safe from all obstacles, therefore, utilize the damage range of the hole to complete this quest. There's no button for you to control the ball, but you can use the hole as a shield and a weapon to clear out the items. There will be different objects and items showing up randomly and in weird order on the screen. The further you reach, the more obstacles you will be facing.

Keep your focus and try your best to clear out these blocks that are making it hard for the ball to move through. In case the ball gets stuck behind because of any item, your turn shall be over immediately. Let's see how many stages you can conquer with no hassle and a safe ball! We are looking for the most talented players who can control the ball flexibly and manage the flow of moving with the highest degree of managing so that they can be maneuvered correctly.

At https://abcya4.net/, we allow kids of all ages to spread their imagination and demonstrate the creative way to solve these quests and have a blast while doing so! Plenty of fun games such as Jewels Blitz 5 are ready for you to explore, so hit them up when you have the free time with friends and family!


Use the left mouse button to hold and control the