Idle Miner Space Rush

Moving around to gather the moonstones in this game of Idle Miner Space Rush will be your main task. If you have tried out some idle gaming selections before, this ABCya new game will easily become a great option thanks to the elaborated gameplay, complex features, and more than just basic tasks of mining. It's time to take a giant leap with your company when trying to ace the rush to gather the gem parts for the moon!

Not only will you get the chance to emerge in a free online, multiplayer game but you can also enjoy the adorable background, top-notch animation, and great features that everyone can enjoy! All that the players need to do here is to gather as many scattered stones on the moon as possible. Despite the variety of stones, each one has its unique characteristics and amount of value.

Learn how to utilize the map and the tools to search for the location of the moonstone mine. Once you reach the location, start mining and move under the ground to collect the most moonstones as the final scores. The more you gather, the higher your final scores will be. Keep in mind that it's crucial to dodge the scattered obstacles, bombs, or random rocks that might decrease the total value of your gained items. The overall performance and steadiness of your motions will be the most important elements of the games.

Don't worry if this is your first time trying out this genre because we provide the best in-game tutorial! Control your accurate movement for the set of new games such as Farmers vs Aliens or Destroy The Stickman, all available here at for your free entertainment. Gather your strength and prepare to maneuver the direction quickly at any newly appeared items!

Controlling keys:

Click and use the mouse to interact. Move with keyboards or touchpad.