Jiraikei Aesthetics

Jiraikei Aesthetics brings a new dressing-up style to challenge the girls here at the ABCya new game with this unique Japanese style of clothing! Emerge in the fashion world with the main theme as Jiraikei - a modern styling that most Japanese women prefer nowadays. Not only will you get to pick different combination of items with focus on pink and black colors but you need to carry a certain type of makeup to enhance the overall styling

Use the eyeshadow or palette which can help to create the tear-stained eyes that mimics the real tears. This makes the girl's makeup look more girly and soft. Keep in mind that there's no restriction when you are selecting the items for matching and styling. Feel free to utilize different colors, from the pink and black to the neutral ones, base on your design.

Decorate the hairstyle with the colorful ribbons or hair ties to make a memorable point! Again, the most favorable lipstick shades for this style will be red, pink, and purple. If possible, would you like to try out the gradient lip style as well? Create some more expressive touchpoints with blushes, manicure, and accessories!

As long as you can transform the main heroine of this game to the best looking one among the girls, you will be able to finish it with a huge collection of personal design! This girl game is for free with a variety of items as shown in the wardrobe so that you can grab anything that suits your intentional design. Go ahead and explore the world of unique fashion sense and individual creation for the most popular games such as Cinderella Dress Up Girl Games from our website at https://abcya4.net/.

How to play: Use the mouse or touchpad to select and move the items.