Jumpy! - The Legacy Of A Chicken brings the journey of this yellow chick up a notch, both literally and figuratively in this ABCya 2022 game! This little bouncy chicken is aiming to reach the highest in this wall and get the top scores possible. This nervous chicken can use the special ability to jump up and try to escape from the slaughterhouse. While jumping on the walls, it's crucial to avoid electric sparks to keep the chicken safe.

The game is suitable for players of any age and gender as it's a lively session of arcade games. Get to the maximum height and avoid getting hit by an electric current so that you can claim the top spot. Anytime the chicken comes into contact with an electric current, the turn will end immediately. Escape the place with your flexibility and reach the top spot!

Jumping on the walls is the main tool to keep the chicken stay on the wall and continue the journey to reach higher and higher. The electric current changes the location depending on the layout of each stage, however, the goal remains to stay on the wall for as long as possible.

The higher you jump, the more risks there are and the more electric current you will come across. Let's see how far you can get without falling even one time! Plenty of games such as Build An Island from https://abcya4.net/ can spice up your playtime without any cost! Choosing your momentum carefully as it's the key highlight to setting the pace and distance for your chicken. Beware of the randomly popped-up obstacles that will put your chicken in danger.

Controlling keys:

Hold the left button to set the momentum for the chicken and push the chicken forward.