Knife Jump

Knife Jump from the list of will easily become one of the most famous games for kids with the arcade theme and io features. You will take part in the new quest to explore the platform that requires the most precise reflexes and excellent timing. The goal of this game will be to flip the knife so that it slices through the fruit pieces scattered on the path.

Avoid the hard blocks and obstacles that either prevent you from advancing or crack the blades of knives. Keep in mind that the flip of the knife is controlled by the two most important elements of timing and the number of flips. The more flips you add in one turn, the further your knife can reach. Pay attention to the juicy pieces of fruit and try your best to estimate the number of flips it takes to reach their locations.

The game focuses on one main task of chopping all fruit pieces and training the players to become slice masters before hitting more games like ABCya 4th from our free collection! Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the fruits being cut to the smallest parts on your path while gathering the highest scores possible with these sharp knives! Let's see how many scores you will need to not only defeat the other players but also defeat your previous scores!

We recommend you share the fun theme and compete with more friends to have the best gaming experience while flipping the knives to see who can conquer the most fruits! Gather the experience in this selection of new games from ABCya 2022 and prepare to tackle more challenges in other games like Idle Zoo Safari Rescue later.

Controlling keys:

Click or tap on the mobile/ tablet screen to flip the knife and to interact.