Mermaids Tail Rush

This beautiful mermaid can retain her youth and be beautiful if you can help her grow her tail in this game of Mermaids Tail Rush - the new ABCya puzzle game for kids of all ages. Dive into this magical world with the most colorful tailpieces and the long journey to reach the edge of the seabed. We need your help to get the mermaid her longest tail in the underwater world as it's her wish.

In order to achieve the wish, you need to collect the scattered colored tails on your platform. Each of them has a different color and the main tail color shall change according to the latest tail that you consume. There are lots of terrifying obstacles on the road like the deadly spiky wheel that will chop the tail you collected. Avoid them at all costs so that you can keep the tail intact with the best results.

If your tail is long, at the end of the game, you will gain some bonuses for any extra effort that you put into this. The only obstacles are the objects that move randomly and show up on different paths of the game. How about paying a visit to our new site at and enjoying the beautiful graphics with your unique eyes! As this is an intuitive interface gaming

selection, you will easily learn the basics of the game and take on a new role for this unique game! Can you keep the tail of the mermaid long and gain top results after a few trials? It has endless gameplay that will let the kids replay it as many times as they wish. Continue to dig through plenty of new games such as Halloween Sudoku and Where is the Water, each with their dynamic theme and cool gameplay for you to explore.

Instructions: Slide the mouse cursor to control the mermaid.