Would you like to get control of a character's life from scratch in this ABCya io game: Not only will you be the one to decide whether the character needs to get a job or he feeds in the garbage but you can also roam this vast 2D space. There're all types of goals and life that you can lead in this virtual game, from buying a house to sleeping in a weird building in the city.

First, to gain some money to purchase the items, start moving around and locate the money stack. You can use the money stack guided arrows to find out their location all over the place. The more money you get, the more commissions you own to purchase buildings. You can rent them out to other online players and gain more! Another important task in this game is to keep upgrading your character with computer skills, broom skills, or negotiation skills.

It's just a virtual version of real life, but this time, you can control them all! If you decide to work on computers, computer skill is a must, while broom skills will help to earn money by cleaning the streets. Move quickly to gather money stack and protect your inventory at all costs! It's an exploration with an elaborated storyline that you can probe here and there to learn new functions, features, and characters.

More than 15 common upgrades and 6 gauges to manage are waiting for you! How will you do in this huge city with different citizens and customizable looks? Spend your earned money wisely to get the game going further and further! Don't forget that our new collection consists of some other equally interesting games such as Baby Dragons , all from without a dime!


Click WASD to move the character.

Use E to throw an item away, and M to open the map.