Neon Catapult

Enjoy the colorful scheme of Neon Catapult along with its amazingly addictive gameplay for the fans of casual-style games at ABCya online. This game will bring out the best of your interactive skills and controlling skills while dealing with a neon ball. The goal of each stage in a total of 30 levels is to use the special "Drag and Drop" mechanism of the game to bounce the ball. You can clear the level once the ball flies up and reach the targets as well as the coins along the way. Only by estimating the perfect force and choosing the correct path will you be able to pull the elastic enough for a successful stage.

The best result of it shall be all the targets being knocked down using only one hit. You have a limited number of balls that you are free to use to win a stage. If you pass the limited number yet fail to finish the goal, you will have to replay it. For the 30 levels, the difficulty level will only increase, so keep on refreshing your playing style to make it further on the Leaderboard at

More points are given to the players who can finish off the stage with the least number of balls. Also, take advantage of the TNT boxes to make a clear path that will be helpful for you. Such a futuristic neon-themed graphic design will be perfect for kids of all ages! Two modes of Easy and Hard are available for you to choose depending on your current ability, so don't worry if this is the first time trying it out. Take your skills up a notch with plenty of other ball games like Rookie Bowman and Face Breaker 

How to play: Drag the left button and release it to shoot.